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Who are we?

We are builders and adventurers who enjoy creating vans that embrace the joy of the journey. We have backgrounds as mechanics, builders, and electricians. In our off-time, you can find us climbing, kayaking, biking, and paragliding. We are located just outside of Duluth, Minnesota.


Do you sell the van, or do I need to bring my own?
Yes, we can sell a brand new van. We can also convert a van that you already own.

Do you do custom work?
Yes, we can work with buyers on custom designs and/or modifications. We also offer pre-designed builds.

What vans do you work on?
We primarliy use the Ram Promaster, but will work on whichever brand/platform that the customer chooses.

How much does it cost?
The price varies significantly and is dependent on the features and floor plan that you choose. Please contact us with questions about current prices. The cost of the build (including parts & labor) typically runs $20-$60k.

How do I start the buying/building process OR get in touch with specific questions?
The easiest and fastest way to get in contact is to email us.

How long does a full/complete build take to complete?
It generally takes about 2 months to complete a build from start to finish.

Do you offer financing
No, but we can work with you to help find a lender.

Full Galley

The the complete build has a triple burner stove, swivel faucet, and soap dispenser.

Bed Options

Our conversions can be built with either a full size or queen bed.


We offer a full shower with sliding door.

Solar and Batteries

600 watts solar and a 400 ah battery bank.


We offer a pull out storage tray with 2x bike mounts. The whole garage/trunk is coated in white bedliner. This provides extended durability and allows it all to be waterproof.

Swivel Seats and pull up tables.

Both front seats swivel and tables pull up.

Roof rack, ladder, awning, windows, and tow package

Our builds can be equiped with a roof rack, ladder, additional windows, awning, and tow package.